Solution for farmerS

Solution for farmers

The Challenges?
      • Farmers buy Agri inputs at retail prices and sell their produce at wholesale price.
      • 80% of farmers are out of agricultural financial inclusion, which means they do not have access to formal financial services, and some are relying on informal financial assistance, which has to bear high interest, even 95% of farmers do not have agricultural insurance.
      • Lack of proper knowledge in production of high quality agricultural produce.
      • And finally when it comes to selling produce, they rely on middlemen of various layers, and they losing 40% of their revenue. Most of this unofficial financial assistance comes from these middlemen.
The Solution?
      • We offers affordable agricultural inputs-seeds, fertilizers, agricultural machinery and unique essentials through online/apps and local retailer stores.
      • We are assisting in the production of high quality agricultural produce through training, timely advice, field monitoring and technical assistance.

      • We are simply connecting farmers to financial inclusion and ensuring Micro agricultural insurance for the security of their produce.
      • We connect farmers directly with buyers by taking complete control of the supply chain to ensure the produce fair prices and to build a cooperative based marketing system.


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