ePolli Business HUB

ePolli Business HUB

ePolli, the country’s first technology-based agricultural fintech venture with crowdfunding, is a one-stop solution for farmers in Bangladesh. ePolli providing end-to-end solutions and services to the Family Farming (all types of family-based agricultural activities) community in Bangladesh. We have developed a data-driven platform that enables to helping farmers to avail finance and investments from individuals and organizations. And also through our eCommerce apps will help the farmers to sell their products and buy their agri inputs. And at the end of sales, the profit is shared between the farm owner and the farm investors.

We provide timely advice, training, agricultural mechanization supports and project monitoring. Also, IOT and Cloud Base Farming Technology are currently being developed to provide supply chain and production efficiency in the farm sector.

In order to ensure food safety and increase the income of farmers, we not only assist the farming families to produce crops in a safe manner but also train them to become “agri-entrepreneurs”. Products like ghee, mustard oil, and brown rice are delivered directly to the doorsteps of consumers from “PolliFood”, an agri-entrepreneurial brand.

To make life easier for farming families, we have developed a Farming Privilege Card, which offers many benefits including nationwide healthcare assistance, smart shopping and travel assistance with 25% to upto 35% get discount.

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