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ePollli is a tech company that connects landless & marginal farmers with landowners to increase output and reduce costs through group farming.

Extending a Helping Hand to Marginalized and Landless Farmers.

Our goal is to enhance the livelihoods of 1 million farmers in 10 districts by 2028. Get the ePolli App now and join us on this impactful journey.


Hectares of Land

14M ৳

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Registered Farmers


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Support Marginal Farmer's

with ePolli!

Provide Your Idle Land

ePolli assists institutional and individual landowners in achieving optimal returns through a secure profit-sharing land scheme.

Finance the Loans

ePolli helps institutional and individual Investors to achieve optimal returns with a secured lending platform and scheme.

Apply for a Project

As a farmer, you can count on our support through the provision of agri inputs, agri experts, modern farming, technology and our extensive network to connect you with distributors and potential buyers.

Join as a Buyer

ePolli offers you the opportunity to become a buyer within our ecosystem. Benefit from purchasing high-quality agricultural products from our registered farmers, as well as supply your crop yields.

Download Our App!

Unlock the World of Agriculture: Shop, Grow, and Thrive with ePolli – Download now to sow the seeds of success.

How does ePolli work

Below are the steps of ePolli’s working procedure from Investors to Market


Discover a diverse array of agricultural projects encompassing crops, livestock, poultry, fisheries and trading, to choose the project that closely aligns with your experience, risk appetite, and expected rate of return.

Landowner & Farmers

With your invested money, you can directly monitor how farmers are engaged in group farming, from the production of products to marketing, under the supervision of ePolli through this app. Also you can visit all the projects directly.

Fulfilment Centre

Efficiently collecting from the farmers, grading, and marketing the quality produce to ensure top-notch quality for customers.


Once the project is completed, your returns will be disbursed to your designated bank account.

Their Story

See what our clients have to say about us!

Cattle & Vegetable Farmer

With the help of ePolli, my farm is now more productive and profitable than ever before. My income has increased 400% and I can now provide for my family and plan for a better future.
Halima Akhter
Bhuka, Sirajganj


I am impressed as ePolli follows Shariah-compliant investment platform, ensuring transparent, safe, and reliable transactions, ideal for ethical investors seeking peace of mind.
Kaniz Fatema


I have been a buyer of agro-based and pure foods from ePolli. The quality of the products I purchased was top-notch, and the entire process was smooth and convenient. I am thoroughly satisfied with ePolli's offerings.
MD Nurul Islam
GM, Samorita Hospital


Previously, I used to lease my land, but since partnering with ePolli, my profits have soared significantly. Their innovative approach and efficient management have brought me greater returns.
Amirul Islam
Sagata, Gaibandha

SDG Allignment

We propagate sustainable agriculture and our solution impacts the social, economical and environmental facets, hence making a big impact on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ePolli’s skilled workers keep the mass farm or the project full-time in no time, your investment is complete. Of course, you are a proud owner of this project by participating in this project. 
Once completed you will get back your principal along with profit very quickly as per the shariah terms and conditions of the contract.

ePolli provides 100% halal income certainty and encouraging risk-free investment, at the end of the project period.
A satisfactory Shariah basis ensures return of capital with profit.

The project is supervised throughout the project by trained part-time workers in the village and is a veterinarian. There is no investment in agriculture and nutrition, Insha’Allah your investment in that sector is 99% risk free. Besides, ePolli has an Emergency Regency Fund, from which arrangements are made to compensate the loss of any loss-making project.
In addition, other terms and conditions are mentioned in the contract with the customer.

Of course, you can buy, and the sale price of the project product or animal will be determined by the project.
As an owner, you will get a discount of 5% to 10%, besides, more special discounts are given according to the project type.

Yes, but the investor must have a valid bank account in Bangladesh or his nominee.

Yes, of course you can, but before that you must discuss with the Project Provider, so that it can help you to visit the project properly.

A man/woman can buy maximum 5 units in his/her name. But it is expandable which is subject to discussion.

ePolli sells products within its project timeframe. Taking everything into account, from the date of payment transfers the capital along with the profit to the bank account of the buyer within the project period.

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